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SPSE and Prayer for the Renewal and Sanctification of the Church in Crisis – Phila 9/14/2018

September 19, 2019

Mary, Nancy and Peachie went downtown for an hour of street evangelization on Friday evening prior to attending a Holy Hour of Reparation at the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.  The Cathedral was open for the evening for prayer, from 6 until midnight.  The time for street evangelization was short but the encounters made were memorable and, God-willing, fruitful.

Early on the team met and prayed with Naomi for her peace and well being.  She was a lovely woman, with great faith, and appreciative of our prayer time with her.  We told her of the open Cathedral for prayer.

Next Scott and Joan came up and were very open to speaking with our team.  We offered them rosaries and blessed miraculous medals.  Joan happily exclaimed that she loves Our Blessed Mother and would love both.  She spoke of how she was once Catholic but left the Church and is now Lutheran.  Joan told us that her Lutheran pastor and church were praying greatly for our Catholic Church and that they were very upsezzzt and sympathetic to our pains.  We told her of the open cathedral for the evening and welcomed them to attend.  They did not want to go in, but did want to pray with us for their granddaughter Sloan whose parents (i.e. their son and daughter in law) did not want to baptize.  Joan mentioned telling Bible stories to the young Sloan and her enjoyment of them but her not knowing them whatsoever.  This pained the grandparents greatly and we prayed that Our Lord would send His Holy Spirit to guide them to speak the words that the parents needed to hear and to guide them to bring their dear granddaughter and her parents to Himself through their example, words, and works.  Joan and Scott were very thankful to us and we are so thankful for them and their church and pastor for their prayer and concern for us!

Another encounter which was quite amazing was with Jack.  Upon asking him if he would like a rosary he stopped and told us that he would and that he was Catholic but he needed us to pray with him that feminist women would stop killing their babies that they did not want.  We certainly agreed to pray with Jack to Our Lord for an end to abortion.  As time went on and we spoke to Jack at length we heard his story of being fooled by his ex-wife into losing much of his money by additional mortgages and excessively high child support payments and all to a woman who ended up trying to have him killed.  We sympathized with him greatly, and he spoke with us about how blessed he had been despite the bad circumstances that befell him from his marriage to an unfaithful wife.  Jack told us of how he was fortunate to earn plenty of money to make up the losses he suffered, the ability to coach little league games despite the awful tales the ex-wife told his boys and the kindness of police officers who helped him when he was being accused of malicious intent to his ex-wife.  We asked Jack if he would pray for forgiveness… to be able to forgive this person who had caused him many years of pain.  Jack agreed! ~  it was amazing to see the difference prayer made in his demeanor, taking him from seeming agitated and upsezzzt to peaceful and even gleeful after.  We gave him a “Everybody need to forgive someone” book from Dynamic Catholic and he was very pleased.  He told us that he was raised Catholic and that it was his faith that got him through the darkest days of his divorce and that he considered killing himself but did not, through faith and knowledge that his children would suffer greatly for it.  He promised to read the book and felt that meeting us was a sign from God of His continued working in his life.  Praise be to God for He is so great and His mercy endures forever!

Three kids probably around 18 years old or so came by and we asked if they would like a rosary or blessed medal. One, Daylin said Yes!  The other two were joking and laughing at her for wanting to stop but they stayed with their friend and listened.  They were from nearby Catholic schools.  We could see that Daylin was in need of something, we asked her if she would like to pray and if she had any prayer intention.  She said that she did and that she was sad most of the time and did not know why.  She also told her of her worries for her mom.  We asked the group to hold hands with us and pray and her friends agreed to as well.  We prayed for Daylin’s healing from her sadness and for great blessings upon her life and the life of her mother.  Tears fell from her eyes.  We asked her friends if they would like to pray for any intentions also and the young man, Jimmy who was a practicing Baptist, asked us to pray for him to know God’s will for him and his courage to follow it. We invited them to the cathedral also, but they had other plans.

The Holy Hour at the Cathedral was a moving experience.  There were many religious, clergy, seminarians and laity gathered and the church was full.  We sang, prayed, listened to the Word of God and had silent prayer.  Afterwards we visited with some of the seminarians, as Mary who was with our team this evening has a son Declan in the seminary.  The hope and joy of the seminarians from St. Charles Borremeo was contagious and we are so thankful for their continued desire to become priests even in the face of so much more difficulty than many who have gone before.  We pray especially for Declan, Luke, Dominic, Thomas and David.  May Jesus Christ remind them daily of His presence in their lives and His deisre for them to be His heart, mind, hands, and feet to the world.

Please pray for all of the following in your intentions:

  • Naomi – for her life
  • Portuguese family – for safe travels and good health
  • Joan and Scott – for good health and for their grandchildren and children to grow in love of Jesus and be baptized
  • Jack – to be able to forgive completely and to grow in love of the Lord and His Church
  • Jimmy – to know God’s will for him
  • Mackenzie – for her life
  • Daylin – for healing from her sadness
  • Tina – for blessing on her and her family
  • Theresa and Tom – to be blessed with conceiving, carrying and delivering a healthy baby
  • Christine – for God’s blessings on her life circumstances
  • Declan – to grow every day in knowledge and love of our Lord
  • Luke  – to grow every day in knowledge and love of our Lord
  • Dominic  – to grow every day in knowledge and love of our Lord
  • Thomas – to grow every day in knowledge and love of our Lord
  • David – to grow every day in knowledge and love of our Lord

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