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10 Nov 2018 – Logan’s Circle on Feast of Saint Leo the Great

September 19, 2019

After attending Mass on the Feast of Saint Pope Leo the Great, Nancy and I drove downtown to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul to Rich Scanlon and a group of his 8th grade PREP students in evangelizing at Logan Circle.  The blustery autumn weather was a force to be reckoned with, and many of the passers-by were participating in the Rocky Run, but despite those impediments, we still managed to reach a number of people.  Some of us eventually went to Suburban Station to find more people willing to stop and talk in the warmth of that sheltered area, as it appeared that the cold weather was preventing people from engaging with us.
The young students initially watched us at work before actively participating in our ministry, and they quickly caught on and unabashedly handed out prayer cards and sacramentals.  As always, there were many homeless people who stopped by for prayers, and we pointed out to them that Jesus himself spent the majority of his time working with the poor and defenseless, individuals just like those whom we were encountering on the streets.
Please keep in prayer the following people that we talked with:
  • Marcel – for his senior housing to come through
  • Leonard – for his needs and shelter
  • Two Indian men – for peace in the world and for their families
  • Salim – gives glory and praise to God
  • Kim – for complete healing and recovery from alcoholism; we prayed healing prayer for her to be relieved of any desire to drink.
  • Tony – for his needs and life
  • Rachel and Alexis – for blessings on their life
  • James – to find permanent housing
  • James – for his foster mom’s healing and wellness
  • Rich – for peace in Philadelphia and the world
  • Lissee – for her family members to come to know the beauty and truth of faith in Jesus and His Church and for Lissee to be guided by the Holy Spirit know what and when to speak and act in her love of Christ and when to be quiet and still
  • Adrian – 42 year old man who has been on the streets for three weeks following the loss of his job due to relapse in drug use.  His step mother evicted him from her house, and he has been going to Saint Francis Inn for food and shelter on cold nights, and he desperately wants to put his life back together again.

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