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March 16th 2019 – Philly Parkway / Cathedral area

September 19, 2019

(NH) Don, Nancy and Deacon Mark headed down to the Philadelphia Cathedral area, certain that with St. Patrick’s weekend, there would be tourists.  There was a large group of kids on tour who were very excited to receive rosaries and blessed medals.  Many of the adult tourists and suburbanites hurried along, wanting to get out of the chill.  Early on, a pickup truck stopped at the traffic light in front of us.  A young worker jumped out, running up, asking for prayer for his family, and a rosary.  We were happy to oblige.  His truck mates started leaving without him and he had to quickly leave to catch up and jump back in.

One lady that stopped, Lucille, was very pleased to meet us.  She told us that she had just left serving breakfast at a homeless shelter and was heading to the library to do some research on some ideas for helping them.  Lucille told us how happy she was to see us out there on the sidewalk, offering to pray with people and speak with them about God.  We told of how we are so privileged to be allowed to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus and Lucille agreed.

A young man named Charles told us that he would like to pray.  When asked if he had anything special to pray to God about, any intentions, he said that he wanted to thank God for being able to get up that day.  It was amazing to hear this young man, apparently quite poor, want to praise God for what he had.  We lifted up his prayers of thanks with him and asked God to especially bless Charles with great knowledge of His love for him and his job to share the love of Jesus with all who he meets.  Charles was please to accept a blessed crucifix to wear.

An older man named Stan came by a little later.  He had a green coat on to which we exclaimed that his coat was particularly celebratory for St. Patty’s day!  Stan was pleased and told us that he was part Irish and Catholic to boot.  He told us that he wanted to pray with us about his methadone treatment and how good it would be if he were done with it.  Stan wanted to move upstate to live with and care for his 84 year old sister, Teresa.  He said that the methadone treatment worked and helped him but he was struggling with other health issues and worries too.  Stan was told that he had hardening of the arteries and that he might have to get his left leg amputated if it “goes downhill”.  We touched his left leg below the knee, and prayed for Jesus the great healer to have mercy on Stan and heal his left leg.  We greatly pray for God to move in this way of mercy for Stan.  We also spoke of the importance of receiving the blessed sacrament and Stan assured us that he went to the Cathedral frequently and that he had not thought of how important it was to receive Christ in the Eucharist.  He wanted to hear more about it.  Nancy mentioned a quote from one of the talks she heard, “We consume Christ in order to be consumed with Him”.  How beautiful is it that Our Lord wants us to receive Him in such an unfathomable and intimate way!

Finally, a woman named Hah came by.  She was immediately recognized as we prayed with her almost two years ago (  Hah, Vietnamese immigrant, had been homeless and seemed in dire straits when we last me her.  She was beside herself with anger and hurt over her family ties that were broken.  She appeared to be under the influence of something.  Today Hah was tremendously better!  She said that she now has an apartment.  She spoke of an outreach worker named Chris who helped her get identification and food and shelter.  Her eyes were clear and she looked lovely.  Hah said that she still was not in touch with her family, that she could not even go to them to get her identification worked out, for fear of her father killing her.  Hah continues to struggle with the pain of loss of family.  She tells of how her brothers who have done wrong were forgiven but she will never be because she is a daughter.  Nonetheless, Hah praised God for His working in her life and she wore a little pin of the Blessed Mother with infant Jesus on the lapel of her pretty wool coat.  The difference in Hah’s appearance from two years ago to this day is nothing short of miraculous!

Please pray for the following people in your prayers:

  • Hah – for healing of her family brokenness and bitterness to that of loving and merciful
  • Stan – for his well being and good health and for healing of his left leg
  • Bruce – for his health and well being
  • Charles – to feel God’s presence strongly in his life guiding him
  • Lucille – for blessings on her ministry efforts and her good health
  • Young construction worker – for his family and continued faithfulness in Our Lord at work in his life
  • Two young women from Tallahassee – for their safe travels and continued faith journey (one is preparing to become Catholic!, very pleased to receive and hear story of miraculous medal)

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