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Cathedral Area, 27 July 2019

September 19, 2019

Rich and Mark began their evangelization work at the corner of 18th Street and the Parkway, where there was limited shade fro​m a tree to shield them fro​m the blazing sun.  There was fairly good pedestrian traffic  coming up the Parkway, and as has generally been the case, most of the people willing to engage in conversation with us were the humble and less fortunate.  Among them was an Eritrean immigrant named Elsa, who was visibly excited when she saw that we had rosaries and miraculous medals.  Elsa came to America in 1988 and has worked in menial jobs despite being incredibly well spoken and apparently well educated.  She had several major problems crop up over the years, but found that whenever she asked for the Blessed Mother’s intercession, her prayers were favorably answered.  Elsa took a number of sacramentals for herself and her family, and thanked us profusely for our ministry.  After speaking with Elsa, we noticed that there were many tourists going to the cathedral, and as the main entrance was in the shade, we moved our sign and materials near the front door of the building so that we could engage the visitors.  We managed to engage a number of the tourists in conversation. pray with them and hand out sacramentals.  There were also two disquieting incidents while we were in front of the cathedral.  One involved a man exiting the building, who said that he was a former Catholic who had become Protestant, and he became very argumentative when he found out that Mark had converted fro​m Protestantism to Catholicism.  We tried to explain what the Church really teaches about the saints, sacred Tradition and the Bible, but he dismissed everything that we had to say and then hurried off with his wife, who was embarrassed by how he was acting.  The second incident involved a young man to whom we offered a rosary, who said that he was actively suing the Church (reason not given), and then hurried past us with his friends.  Fortunately, we had many other positive encounters, among them an Argentine woman fro​m Miami, a Venezuelan couple visiting their son, and a Russian Orthodox family fro​m Romania who were in town for a visit and who eagerly accepted crucifixes for their three children.  We prayed with a number of people who were homeless, unemployed or ill, and all of them were very grateful for our ministry.  Please pray for the following intentions that were brought to our attention during our service:
  • Chris, who is homeless and needs food
  • Elsa, who needs to reconcile with her atheist brother-in-law
  • Sonny and Eric, who are homeless and need jobs
  • Winnie, who is homeless
  • José, who is gravely ill with cancer
  • Diane and Latoya, who are trying to save money for a weekend getaway with their family
  • Melvin, who is dying in Temple University Hospital
  • Kenneth, who is homeless
  • Mimi, who battling Alzheimer’s
  • Patricia, who is homeless

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