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Logan Circle – Philadelphia August 17th 2019

September 19, 2019

(NH) Deacon Mark and Nancy braved the humid Philadelphia weather to go downtown for St. Paul Street Evangelization on Logan Circle last Saturday.  Many people were out and about at 930 am, probably trying to beat the worst of the heat coming in the afternoon.

The team met some tourists, many people homeless or living in shelters, and other city/suburban folks.  Altogether over 50 blessed medals and rosaries were shared in a two hour span.  Here are some stories and prayer requests from the outing:

Early on Deacon Mark met a fellow named Carry.  He told of being from Kentucky and now living on the streets of Philly for 3 weeks.  He appeared tired and beaten down.  Carry spoke of having recently lost his Fiancee to a sudden heart attack.  Deacon Mark told of how God is at work even when we don’t feel Him at all.  In our depths of suffering, He is always there.  They prayed together and Carry was pleased to be given a crucifix to wear and he planned to try to let God show him what to do with his life.

Dee and David were visiting from Australia.  They were in Philadelphia for an overnight, having traveled from NYC and heading down to Washington DC the next day.  They spoke of a lovely trip to date and friends who told them they must stop in Philadelphia.  Dee and David were excitable and pleased to be in our city.  To top it off, Dee was exceptionally pleased to be offered a Miraculous Medal.  They were Catholic as well, and we pointed out our Cathedral down the street.  The couple planned to visit the art museums and walk around town.  We told them we were happy they were in to visit our city of brotherly love and we prayed for their safe and healthy travels.  They were very thankful.

Frequently people on bikes ride by without any stopping, however, that was not the case with Marshall.  Nancy asked as he was pedaling by if he would like a blessed medal or a prayer.  Marshall stopped right away, got off his bike and said Yes! I would love to have both!  Marshall asked us to pray with him about his finances.  He said that he had been at work and was dropping his bike down the street where he could safely leave it, to get a train or bus back to Upper Darby where he has a small studio apartment that doesn’t fit his bike.  Marshall told of how he got behind on some bills but made phone calls to the companies and sezzztup payment plans and that he knew it would work out alright.  He prays greatly for God to bless him in making it work out alright and making ends meet.  We talked about how working out a situation instead of just hoping it will go away is what God wants us to do and that He guides us how to do it always, if we be quiet and listen in prayer.  Marshall agreed greatly.  He was glad to put on a crucifix and ride off.

Please remember the following people and their intentions in your own prayers:

  • Hah ~ for her safety and for the bad men in her apartment building to move elsewhere
  • Carry ~ to find permanent shelter and workable life plans
  • Dee and David ~ for safe travels and good health
  • Marshall ~ to be blessed with resources and plans to make ends meet always
  • Pancho ~ to be able to take and pass test for CDL license
  • Nathan ~ for guidance and direction in following God’s will
  • Steven ~ given a Bible; for open mind and soft heart open to God’s word
  • Thomas ~ blessed to have shelter and prays now for better access to food and resources
  • Agustin and Antonio ~ Honduran homeless immigrants – for their livelihood, good health and friendship
  • Melanie ~ for Joseph’s heart surgery
  • Chris ~ Asked to pray for Nancy 🙂
  • Joan ~ for her health
  • Santiago ~ from Panama, prays to walk the Camino with his wife next year
  • Rosalee and Al ~ for shelter and work
  • Emanuella and Lawrence ~ for their welfare
  • Diane ~ for her peace and care
  • Asidiri ~ from Guinea, for his welfare
  • Pete ~ an altar server, for good health

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