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Suburban Station Philadelphia - November 16th, 2019

November 21, 2019

St. Teresa of Calcutta's writings in Come Be My Light tell us that "His ways are so beautiful, to think that we have God almighty to stoop so low as to love you & me & make use of us & make us feel that He really needs us.  As I grow older my wonder at His humility grows not for what He gives but for what He is, Bread of Life, The hungry One."  This sweet, amazing, little, Holy Saint truly brings home the thoughts that a street evangelist praying for others may have.  God does not need us but loves for us to want to participate in sharing Him.  What a privilege!

Deacon Mark, Nancy and a new team member, Jim, went downtown to Suburban Station in Philadelphia for St. Paul Street Evangelization last Saturday.  The station provided good shelter from the chilly wind outside.  There were many commuters coming through the station going places in town for weekend events and some going to work.  There were also many homeless individuals keeping warm inside the comfort of the station.  On this little mission the team brought the typical Prayer Station with rosaries, blessed medals, books and pamphlets, but also some items for the corporal needs of the poor.  A collection of granola bars, winter gloves, new socks, nail clippers and toothbrushes were well received.

On heading down from the sidewalk into the station below, the team met Yuann and Wendy early on, in from out of town, looking to find a way to Independence Hall.  This station is up at 16th street and Independence Hall is down past City Hall, near 5th street.  The team recommended the Market - Frankford subway and helped the couple find the ticket counters.  On leaving and asking if they would like to join in prayer, Yuann said that she would like to know more about God in her life.  It was so good that the evangelization team was able to help provide physical directions and then also ask God for spiritual direction in the lives of these women.  May they be greatly blessed and continue to desire to know more about God.

Upon setting up the prayer station in the concourse, Deacon Mark arrived from his train that he took separately into town.  Many people passed, accepting  sacramentals, prayers, and care items with great thankfulness.  The team has found time and again that offering little items for free to people passing opens up the opportunity to speak with them, possibly asking them how they are doing, if they would like to pray and whether they pray or go to church, whether they know about God at work in their lives, if they were ever baptized, whether they know about why Catholics pray to Mary asking for her intercession, etc. etc. etc. Bringing along a new team member and leading by example, it takes little to no time for a new person to get some comfort in reaching out to strangers as well, for love of God.  Jim told us that he would very much like to come out with the team again.  Praise be to God!

During the ministry we met:

Kendra, who prays to get a good job as a health aid for the elderly.  Nancy mentioned the great need for elder care workers in Lower Bucks at all of the nursing and assisted care facilities, plus public transportation that runs up from the city.

Rasul, who prays to get a home.

Michael suffers from a degenerative brain disease.  He prays to gain control over the illness and clarity of thought.  He accepted a St. Michael the Archangel medal and told the team that we were doing a good job.  He was sad that his daughter had no Christian faith and that there was no truth, only what people want to believe to guide them.

Rodney, prays for general intentions.

Ashley, who prays to find a job and a home.

Ricardo, who came from Mexico and has been homeless for 3 months following hernia surgery and loss of job; he prays for work and a home.

Henrique, a Guatemalan immigrant who prays for a home.

Nasir, who traded email addresses with Nancy who promised to check in on his plans.  He prays for his plans to obtain shelter when he gets his check, and then to get training for work. Nasir would like to become either a flight attendant or a health care worker with primary focus on dialysis patients.

Michael, who prays for his mom Betty on dialysis.

Walter, who has been homeless for 4 months but his wife Sherry is in a nice shelter, prays for his shelter and for his wife.

Rudy, whose housing is due to come through the first week of December, he prays for this to occur with no problems.  He asked for an extra blessed medal and a pair of ladies gloves to give to his caseworker Angelina, who works at the Hub of Hope in Suburban Station (, and has been so kind to him.  What a blessing to help this man give a little gift in thanksgiving to her!

Andrew, who prays for his pregnant ex-girlfriend Alexis to allow him to come back and be a respectable and good husband and father.  He repents of his previous bad choices and prays to make amends.

Chris, who was on his way into work, prays for a good day of good work and for well-being; he exclaimed "I really needed this, you guys are in the right place at the right time for me!"  Amen!

Colleen, who prays for her health and welfare and for her daughter Nancy.

Joseph, who prays for his walk in faith.

Luis, who is homeless and prays to find shelter and food.

Dennis, who prays for his Section 8 housing application to be approved soon!

Darryl, for his general intentions.

Anthony, prays for the health and safety of his friends and family.

Nicky, who is pregnant, prays for her and her baby's and her 2 daughter's health, safety, and faith.

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