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Feast of Saint Stephen / Hospital Area on 34th Street in Philadelphia

December 31, 2019

On the second day of Christmas, Nancy and Mark headed downtown to engage in street evangelization in front of Children's Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  We had not been there for at least eight months, as the area was being reconfigured and was not conducive to meeting with people at that time.  The weather was a bit chilly but at least initially, there was abundant sunshine and light winds, so the conditions were bearable.  During our 90 minute session, we were able to reach out to several dozen people, some who merely accepted a religious medal or crucifix because they did not have the time to stop and talk, but others spent some time with us to discuss their problems and then pray over their circumstances.  Please say a prayer for the following individuals, who would greatly appreciate your intercessions:
  • Rosita, whose son Terry is struggling with drug addiction and trying to wean himself off methadone
  • Tiffany, who requests prayers for her children
  • Frankie, who was just released from the hospital and wants to fully recover his health
  • Karima,, who prays for a better year in 2020 and for help for her son Zafir in Chicago
  • Michael, who asks for prayers for his son Cole and Louis
  • Darryl, whose is providing home care for his wife Dolores, who is to be released from the hospital with a feeding tube
  • Joe, whose sister-in-law Caroline is suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer and has multiple metastases
  • Sharon, who is going in for testing prior to cancer surgery scheduled for January 29.  This is her third bout with cancer and she is understandably very scared.
  • Maria, whose 2.5 month old granddaughter Harlow, is in Children's Hospital with Surge-Weber syndrome and suffering from seizures
  • Anthony, who needs help with his finances
  • Cyril, whose sister Molly is in the hospital with end-stage breast cancer
May God bless you and your families during this most holy season of Christmas and in the coming new year.  Please continue to pray for our group and join us in future evangelizaiton events.
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