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February 8th 2020 - Suburban Station

February 10, 2020

(NH) Nancy and Deacon Mark headed downtown, once again to Suburban Station, to get out of the February chill.  Our little team was blessed to speak and pray with many people.  While we met many homeless people, seeking shelter in the warm dry station, we also met quite a few people commuting into town.

A older man named Will was heading out towards the exit.  He was wearing hipster looking sunglasses, a bit roundish with a yellowy orange tint to them.  He had long hair that was tidy and trimmed nicely.  Nancy asked him if he could use a prayer.  Will stopped and said “Sure! Who couldn’t use a prayer?” 😊 He spoke of his special intention, for his eyes to be healed.  He said that he needed to wear the sunglasses because he had an eye condition that was painful and difficult.  Nancy asked if it was ok to touch him, and Will took his gloves off so that his hands could be held.  We asked the Lord to hear and answer our prayer for Will’s eye condition to be completely healed in Jesus’ name.  Asking Will if his eyes felt any better, he said that yes, the spasm that had been making them very bothered had mostly stopped.  Upon hearing this good news of God answering our prayer we continued and prayed for Will’s complete healing of his eye disease and ailment.  Will mentioned that he was a Catholic and that he thought it was a wonderful thing that we were out there in public praying with people and reminding them of God’s presence in their lives and in our world.  We gave him a postcard detailing the upcoming Alpha at Nancy’s parish in Feasterville, with email address, in case he would like to try and come to the Alpha or get in touch.  We hope and pray that we will hear from him that God has completely healed Will’s eyes.

A man was purchasing tickets at a nearby machine and his wife was waiting.  We asked her if she could use a prayer.  We got another “Who can’t use a prayer?!” comment 😊  Upon asking if she had a special intention, she started to tear up and told us that she needed prayer for her son Eric.  While she did not get into the details, Deacon Mark and Nancy assured her of our and God’s great mercy for her son and her suffering as a mother.  Deacon Mark spoke of how Christ became man to show us His mercy for our suffering and of the blessed Mother’s suffering for the same.  She asked us to wait a moment before praying, for her husband to be finished with getting tickets.  He came over, maybe at first with a perplexed look, possibly thinking ut-oh ~ strangers with prayer station in the station, but when his wife said “We want to pray for Eric” the husband expelled a deep breath and then seemed completely open for praying.  After praying for Eric’s health and choices and guidance and good doors to open for him, the mom gave Nancy a big hug and thanked both of us greatly.  She accepted a miraculous medal as well as a postcard for the upcoming Alpha at Nancy’s parish, in case she and her husband and/or perhaps Eric, might want to try and come by and see if they like it.

A fellow named Carlos was walking by and was pleased to accept a crucifix to wear.  He was curious about what church we belonged to and why we were in the train station.  He had a map for the Big Bus tour in Philadelphia and we showed him where the Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul was, and told him how all are welcome and that it was a beautiful place.  We spoke of how our home churches were in Bucks County but the church for the whole Archdiocese of Philadelphia was this cathedral.  He thought that it might cost money to go in and we assured him that it would not.  Carlos wanted to pray for direction in his life.  He told us about his work in a meat packing plant, which was quite laborious and dangerous.  Carlos spoke of his step children who did not want to work despite the fact that they were able bodied adults.  He said they always were asking him for money but were unwilling to work.  We all spoke about how we can show our kids by example and teach them right from wrong, but in the long run we are all given free will to live our lives as we choose.  We spoke about how God gave us His commandments to teach us how to live in peace, hope and joy together, and that the next day, Sunday, we were to give God his Holy Day, the Lord’s day, by praising Him and worshiping Him at Mass.

Please remember the following people and their intentions in your own prayers:

Marcellas – for peace among all peoples of the world

Dana and her two little boys Jameer and Sincere – for Dana’s complete healing from her breast cancer and for the boy’s good health and happy lives.

Jerry – homeless for a month – for his wellness and shelter.

Joel – homeless, asks for God’s blessing on his life.

Susan and Charles – for their loving marriage.

Rich – on way into work but stopped for a moment, took a “Daily Bread” book and we pray for his wellness.

Eric – to turn away from corruption and towards the Lord.

Carlos – for direction in his life.

Kenny – homeless young man, for his well-being and for good influences in his life.

Sam – for his life.

Anthony – accepted a miraculous medal for his Mom Louise healing and to walk again.

Will – for complete healing of his eye condition.

Reggie – for personal growth and to find a home.

Tony – for a home and a job.

Mark – 40 year old father of four, divorced and homeless with severe health problems and horrific childhood.  For his healing and for his brother and children to love him.

Eugenia – for complete healing of spinal injury from car accident and for the perpetrator to show kindness instead of hate.

Lewis – for his wellness.

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