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Suburban Station, Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter (22 Feb 2020)

March 1, 2020

Today was the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, and after attending Mass at Saint Christopher's parish and going to confession, we headed downtown and parked at the Cathedral.  After a ten minute walk in the brisk winter air we arrived in Suburban Station, where we set up our stand a few feet away from Dunkin' Donuts.   It did not take long for our visitor to stop by, and as it turned out, it was a man named Jay who immediately recognized us from a prior encounter last year in front of the Cathedral.  He was born and raised Catholic, and had accepted a Miraculous Medal from us last time.  He was overjoyed to see us today, as he had subsequently lost the medal and was anxious to replace it.  We were likewise thrilled to see Jay a second time and spent some time praying and talking with him before he went on his way.  We had many other wonderful meetings over the next two hours, and were reminded time and again why Jesus focused his attention on the poor and infirm members of our society:  they are humble enough to know that their lives depend on God's providence, and they do not take anything for granted.  Please take a few minutes to pray for the following individuals, and consider joining us next Saturday, March 7th, when we will again be downtown for street evangelization:
  • Dante - for healing from probable drug withdrawal problems for this 27 year old man
  • Dora - for housing for her, her husband Larry and their four year old daughter Miracle
  • Duke - for his finances (he shone Deacon Mark’s shoes for a donation)
  • Vladimir - for God’s blessings and healing from nighttime worries
  • Lamar - for the safe delivery of his son Sameer due next month, and for Sameer’s mother Angela and her daughter
  • Patrick - for God’s blessing on him and his family
  • Victoria - to be reunited with her family
  • Marguerite - to find a new church community in Lancaster
  • Jeanne - for reunion with her friend Connor, who was supposed to meet her in Suburban Station a day ago
  • Justin - for help in getting through the rough patches of life
  • James - raised Saint Stephen's parish, and asking for God's blessing for his son, his daughter and their mothers, as well as for himself
  • Marie - a Filipino woman asking for God's blessing on all areas of her troubled life
  • Burton - who was an independent job contractor but whose bad relationship with a woman led to the failure of his business.  He plans to dress up and go to Church tomorrow, and asks for God to restore his business
  • Rudy - for healing of his painful hip and knee
  • Jay - for health and prosperity; asked for replacement Miraculous Medal, which he received from us last year outside the Cathedral
  • Mark - Protestant Christian who stopped by to pray for our ministry with us!
  • Taisha - for healing from alcoholism
  • Harrison - for God's blessings on his days
  • Michael - for healing after being shot in the head and for a home.  He is now confined to a wheelchair and has only the use of one arm.
  • Timothy - for physical well being