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Ambler PA, Saturday November 13, 2021

November 16, 2021

Deacon Mark and Nancy setup a prayer station on the sidewalk in Amber, PA this past weekend.  Deacon's parish, St. Joseph's, is about a half a block away from the prayer station setup.  It was the first time that the Deacon did "sidewalk prayer station" street evangelization in his own parish, which was a great thing to do.  Usually the evangelization effort here is on door-to-door parishioner visits, but with the nice weather, it seemed an opportune moment to get out on the sidewalk and bear public witness on the main town thoroughfare.

While there were many suburbanites that were not very receptive, there were some who certainly were.  The team met a young nursing student, Katherine, who gladly accepted a crucifix with a miraculous medal and prayers for her success in school and good fortune to be blessed by the kindness of others.  Another young woman, Elizabeth, asked for prayers to conceive.  The team chatted with her about how joyful this prayer answered would be, about how St. Elizabeth had difficulty conceiving John the Baptist and God pulled through answering that prayer in a big way 🙂  and that Deacon Mark's own daughter's name is Elizabeth too.  God please hear and answer our prayers!

An older couple walking with a baby stroller went by and the husband seemed a bit irritated by our presence.  After passing, the wife came back and the team offered a crucifix and miraculous medal.  She asked for prayers for her daughter Melissa's healing from syncope.  She mentioned that the grandbaby was a true miracle because her daughter, who was away for a birthday weekend, was quite disabled from her illness.  Her daughter's name is Melissa, which was quite a blessed coincidence as Nancy also has a daughter Melissa, whose birthday was this weekend as well.  The mom left then came back a little later, asking for a blessed medal for her daughter also.  She exclaimed that if she (mom) got one and she didn't have one for Melissa, she would be so disappointed.  Of course our little team was happy to oblige.  It is such a privilege for Our Lord to allow us to serve others through prayer, faith sharing, compassion, and little blessed anchors (medals) in life!

The team also prayed with Sonny who goes to Deacon Mark's parish and owns an Indian Restaurant in town.  A young woman named Kate prayed with the team for peace.. on earth, in nation, in community, in life, in family, all around.  What a kind and needed prayer.  Mary queen of peace pray for us.

The team was asked to move after a little over an hour.  The own of the storefront was not pleased with the team there.  The store had been vacant on last outing by Joyce and Nancy last March, but despite looking vacant, it was not.  The team exclaimed "sorry! we thought it was vacant" and "would you like to pray for your new business?".  The owner did not want to pray and the team crossed to another fairly empty looking sidewalk area.

Here, on the other side of the street, a joyful couple (Heidi and Michael) were walking their dog and they wanted to pray for their upcoming wedding, taking place Christmas Eve at the restaurant next to where the team was now setup.  The couple wanted prayers for patience with one another :), for health and a lifetime together.  The man had a crucifix on already and the woman was glad to accept a crucifix from the team, matching up with her mate's.

As usual on the Street Evangelization outing, God showed up.  We merely spread the seeds and expect and thank God for doing the rest.  The blessings of the ministry are great.  Please consider keeping the following in your prayers too:

Katherine: nursing school, Kate: peace, Liz: to conceive, Melissa: healing from syncope, Sonny: success in business, Heidi and Michael: for patience, love, faith, and joy


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