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Suburban Station on Saturday, 15 Jan 2022

January 17, 2022

Street Evangelization at Suburban Station on Saturday, 15 Jan 2022


We knew from the weather forecast that Saturday would be the coldest day so far this winter (8° F, and a stiff wind to boot), so we opted to try working in Suburban Station in center city Philadelphia after attending Mass in Somerton.  We had not been there in nearly two years, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.  At that point, several team members expressed concern about the possibility of coming down with the virus when working in close quarters often frequented by the homeless.  Now that Covid has become endemic and most of us are vaccinated and/or gone through the illness, those concerns had all but evaporated, and we were actually astonished at how the station had changed for the better since our last time there.  The transportation company had made access to the platforms and other open areas largely restricted to passengers with a ticket, and the building was so empty that we wondered if it would be worth our while to set up our sign.  We soon discovered that our worries were groundless, and that it was easier than usual to reach out to passersby.  We spent more than two hours at the station, and there were very few moments where we were not speaking to someone during that time.  Some of the conversations were quite lengthy, and people seemed far more receptive to us than in the past.  It was truly a wonderful experience, and when we packed up to return to the cathedral parking lot, we were convinced that we should return to station again during the winter months.


Please join us in praying for the following people, whose intentions we addressed on Saturday morning:


Shaheed – for peace, health and matrimony


Brian – for his family and all their health


William – for health and life


Eugene – for health and life


Jeffrey and Mercedes – for longevity and joy


Elijah – for his upcoming cataract surgery, so that he can read again


Lemiel – for health and shelter


Cory - (shared our contact info) for his mother Sharon and his father James; for his employment, his life choices and struggles with alcoholism


Jeanne – for shelter and protection


Gisele – a wonderful 83-year-old Catholic woman who lived in eastern Germany during World War II.  She is incredibly spry and has outlived two husbands and raised five children.  She asked for prayers for her husbands, her sister who died recently in Germany from Alzheimer’s disease, and for her younger son, who has left Catholicism for an evangelical church.


Daniel – an airport worker who was almost killed in a hit run accident involving a tractor trailer while he was walking home near Oxford Valley Mall in November 2016.  He has requested prayers for his continued healing and to meet a nice girl.  He is active in his church and knows the Bible very well and was thankful for our prayers on his behalf and accepted a crucifix from us.


Eric and Monet - for their marriage and good health. Eric spoke of the "coincidence" of coming our way while cleaning the floors at the station, and asked Nancy talk to talk to his wife about our prayers for them and the gifts given to Eric (a crucifix and miraculous medal – one each for both of them).