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Campbell Park, Port Richmond, Philadelphia on Saturday, 21 May 2022

May 21, 2022

Saint Paul Street Evangelization on 20 May 2022 at Campbell Park in Port Richmond

Nancy and Mark began the day by attending daily Mass at 8 AM at Saint Christopher’s Parish in northeast Philadelphia.  We knew beforehand that Archbishop Nelson Perez was ordaining six men as priests at 10 AM at the Cathedral, and that the whole surrounding area would be jammed with traffic and pedestrians.  After Mass, we decided to try a completely different area:  Campbell Park in Port Richmond.  There are three Catholic churches within a block of the park, which is beautifully planted with stately shade trees.  It is located on Allegheny Avenue, the main thoroughfare through Port Richmond, with large sidewalks, bus stops and many pedestrians.  It seemed like an ideal spot to conduct street evangelization, and we were not disappointed with the results at the end of our two hour stint.  We arrived at 8:50 AM and found a good spot to park about a block away from the park itself, and within a few minutes, got our equipment set up.  At that relatively early hour, there were not many people out and about, but within an hour, there was a noticeable uptick in traffic.  Port Richmond has an incredible blend of people from all races, ethnicities, faiths and social-economic statuses, and we were able to engage with peoples from all walks of life during our session.  We probably gave out three dozen religious medals and rosaries over the two hour stay, and had a good number of lengthy, heart-felt discussions with people dealing with family problems and addictions.  Whenever possible, we prayed with the individuals after talking with them, and it was obvious from their expressions that they were touched by our ministry.  Please say a prayer for the following people that asked for our intercessions:

Eddie - for family challenges and wellness.  He lost a brother suddenly four years ago due to a blood clot following surgery, and their mom has suddenly developed dementia weeks after receiving the J&J Covid vaccination.


Dawn - for her family problems.


Marge - for her uncle John's comfort, wellness, and healing. He has COPD and recently had pneumonia.


Bertha - for her sister-in-law Helene who is bed-ridden.


Bob - for peace and hope in his troubled family life.


Mark - for his mom Eleanor.


Antonio - spoke at length; he's concerned about continuing to learn and about people being open-minded and kind to each other.


Austin - (Catholic) for all aspects of his life and for his dog Ozzy's wellness and safety.


Norman - he misses his mother who passed when he was only 4 years old.  He is suffering with mental difficulties and prays for stability and to know motherly love.


Herbie – who had to move from the suburbs into Port Richmond after his driver’s license was revoked for ten years after his fourth DUI.  Herbie was almost killed in a motorcycle accident on Frankford Avenue when he was 19, and his passenger friend died as a result of his injuries.  After two full years of medical treatment, he was able to walk again, but he has been wracked with physical pain ever since, which has led to his alcoholism.  He was a truck driver for almost forty years before losing his license, and asks for prayers for his well-being and restoration.  He has a strong faith in God but has not been to Church in years.


Eddie -  who asks for prayers for healing from his alcoholism, as well as for his daughter Courtney and granddaughter Ellie Mae.


Al - for success and goodness in the production of the show that he is performing in.


Luis - for increased faith throughout the world.


Margie – who is battling addiction, and has four children (two in college and two teenagers living with her sister).  She prays for courage, self-control, perseverance and financial stability: come Holy Spirit!


Ed – whose daughter spoke with us in the park.  He is a very devout Catholic who lives in New York and is currently battling cancer and has many problems following a contentious divorce.



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