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Outing for 7/10/2021

July 10, 2021

We went back to the Manhattan farmer's market. We were able to give out a few rosaries, but none of the recipients gave the impression they wanted to talk. It'd been a couple of months since we visited because of family obligations or weather. This is still a learning process. I've been friendly with everyone who walked by, but no one stopped to talk unless it was an acquaintance of one of the team. I listened to a Youtube vid related sales & marketing which talked about seeking an X number of declinations, because without them, you'll never get to the acceptances. That changed my perspective, and the first two we asked accepted a rosary.

One declination was, "No, I don't believe in the Pope." Since introvert don't think well on their feet, I didn't have a response, so after he turned away, I did wish him to have a blessed day. I suppose I could have said, "Neither do Catholics," since his tone implied we worshipped the Pope, but I really doubt he wanted to dialogue.

Our next outing is planned for July 31st.