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Building the Team, Part 2!!!

October 17, 2021

Ginette and I decided to evangelize for Team member's at our parish this weekend.  We had the display set up for all four masses.  The response was amazing and extremely welcoming.  We now have a Team of 8 evangelist - I love our parishioners.

One of the highlights for me was definitely the children.  Little girls excited to put a necklace on with a saint medal and watching dad's put the Crucifix on a chain and placing it on their son's necks was a beautiful sight to see.

We had two elderly ladies fill out a prayer request form.  One eager college student asked if he could take some of the brochures - I would love to see what seeds he will be planting.

Before the second Mass started I noticed a young lady being dropped off, I didn't pay too much attention but it was noticeable.  After mass ended I noticed her sitting on a curb, I invited her over to see the medals and reminded her they were free.  She asked for a medal that would be good for a new Catholic.  I recommended the Miraculous Medal for healing and the St. Benedict medal for protection from evil.  I also offered her a bible and a rosary but then she seemed to start withdrawing so I backed off.  I asked her if she needed a ride home and she said "Yes".  I asked her name and she said "Courtney" (be still my heart, my daughter's name is Cortney).  I apologized for being to pushy and told her I get so excited when I meet new Catholics.  As we talked it turns out she is not Catholic but her grandma is.  I invited her to RCIA and told her when we meet and tried to describe the people that are currently attending to try and ensure her it would not be to overwhelming.  I left her with my name and number, in case she needs a ride.    Please pray that Courtney takes me up on my offer.

I bet you are wondering why is there a picture of a falcon below.  Just as we signed up two new members , Chris and Pat Ryan, they noticed the falcon watching us while perched on our bell tower.  It was quite amazing to see. I am certain a positive sign from God that we are on the right path.  Also, pictured below is another new member Pat Seanor.

This was truly an amazing weekend.  I am looking forward to working with our new Team and start spreading the good news which we have all been so blessed to have received.

God bless and THANK YOU!!!

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