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Beth Schuele

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Eastern Market Memorial Day weekend

June 1, 2021

The following report comes to us from team leader Beth with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:

Two evangelists, Michael and I, made it out to evangelize on this windy Saturday on the long Memorial Day weekend. The gusts frequently blew our pamphlets off the table, so when we weren't talking to people, we were busy chasing our literature down the street! Since we had celebrated Pentecost recently, the wind reminded us of the Holy Spirit's active presence as we tried to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ and His bride, the Catholic Church.

Come Holy Spirit - We need a REVIVAL!
Before we could even fully set up, people were stopping to talk to us! One of my first conversations took place with gentleman who accepted the offer to pray together as he stopped at our corner waiting for the signal to cross the busy street. He was glad to see out on the street mentioning that the church needs a revival! I agreed and gave him one of our Gospel Message cards. It turns out he is a Protestant pastor  who didn't really think the Catholic Church was any different than any other Christian church.  We were not able to continue the conversation and when he walk by later in the day he gave us some encouraging words.

The Rosary gives us a chance to remember Jesus in our day
We met two kind ladies who stopped to talk and receive some of our free items, "Carol" and "Rashida." Carol commented on how important it is to have faith. She said, "since I know Jesus, I am not afraid to die. I don't want to die, but I'm not afraid." Carol was also pushing a young child, "Jane", in a stroller.   Later on, Jack and Carlo visited us and were very open to receiving prayer and accepted rosaries. We first prayed for Jack, for some struggles in his life, and then next for Carlo, to learn how to trust God.  For both of these encounters we explained how the rosary is a way to remember how Jesus is active in our lives.  Using the 2nd Joyful Mystery as an example I asked them "Was there ever a time when you were having a boring day (like water) then Jesus jumped in and made it fruitful and beautiful (like wine) and both groups said "YES" and I asked them to share their stories.  It was beautiful to see the Holy Spirit at work as they joyfully shared their experience of  God active in their life making it fruitful.  We explained that the rosary is a great way to give God those few minutes to focus on him and pray each day.  Our lives are so busy.  We are so easily distracted in prayer.  Pick up the beads, ask God to help you listen, then pray away!!

I also spoke to Scott a gentleman with a camera out to take pictures. He knew about the rosary because he was raised Catholic. He stopped practicing for some reason and now has a “no organized religion” stance. I asked if he remembered the Eucharist. He did. I asked if he remembered the teaching, that the eucharist is really Jesus – body, blood, soul, and divinity. He said he knew that too. I then asked if he realized that only in the Catholic Church can you receive the Eucharist. He knew that too. We ended our conversation in prayer. Please pray that Scott realizes the value of what he left when he walked away from the Church and that prompts him to return.

They were glad to see us! 
While I was busy talking to someone, Michael told me that he had someone come up from behind and grab him by the shoulders (which startled him a bit!) Thankfully, it was a gentleman that simply wanted to thank us for being out there and sharing the love of Jesus and the truth of His church.  Another man simply looked up from his place in line at the bank and smiled.  I went up to say Hi and he was so glad to see us.  He accepted a rosary and prayed with me.  That really sums up our outing, there were many people of faith who were generally grateful for all that God has done for them and they were glad we were out there talking and praying with people.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

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