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Faith in Action

September 5, 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I witnessed a community living their faith by just doing what is right.

Me and the better half usually get lunch after mass on Sunday’s at a store five minutes from Prince of Peace in Plano, TX. We started noticing what we thought was a homeless man for the past year or longer.

I did not realize he was truly homeless till recently seeing him every morning at the store. He bathes in the bathroom sink, eats breakfast, charges his phone and watches ESPN till the afternoon hours. Once the sun is setting he leaves, I believe his next stop is where he lays his head for the evenings.

I had tried to say hello on several occasions without success. I found out today, the only topic he will discuss is baseball. He is possibly one of the most knowledgeable Texas Rangers fans I have ever meet.

Yes, he is homeless, happy with the simplicity of his life and could care less what others might think of him.

Over the years I have come to know many of the store’s employees and consider them to be more than just acquaintances. Today, I was told management and the employees are protecting this man. The store gets regular complaints by people who are uncomfortable with his presence. It is always the same story, “What did he do?” Nothing”, “Did he speak to you? “No”, “OK, well what exactly is the issue?”  He looks threatening and makes me uncomfortable”.

The Truth-

I can honestly say he is none of these things and this community truly lives their Christian faith with action not just words.

This makes the Community truly relevant.

God blesses us and provides each one of us with different talents so let’s work together to spread the salvation of Christ.

In the name of the:



And Holy Spirit!

Dave Scruggs

St. Paul, North Dallas Chapter