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Country: United States
State or province: Minnesota

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Scott Himmer

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Friday Night Cruz Car Show

July 25, 2021

Fr. Lynch and I were out at the Cruz Car Show in North St. Paul again this past Friday. It was a warm summer night, and the people were in good spirits. We had great conversations with people. We prayed with Tim for his in-law who has throat cancer and Joe for his son's reconciliation with his children and healing for his wife's medical needs. We had great extended conversation with a couple of local Catholics Cathryn and Matthew. We took prayer requests for Cathyrn's daughter to return to the faith. We also took intentions for Matthew who needs blessings for a social service non-profit he is starting for people in crisis situations in Minneapolis. They both thanked us for being there and took a couple of medals to hand out. Several people thanked us for being out there and I got a few fist-bumps.

I had an amazing conversation with a man named "John". A few seconds later and it would have been a missed conversation. John was looking for more in life and searching for an anchor. I believe it's the type of anchor that only Jesus can provide. He's a nice guy with a good heart, and we talked for a while. His heart was opened to the Lord so I led him through the consecration prayer and he gave his heart to the Lord right there. Amen! We exchanged contact information and plan to continue our conversation. John seemed to be where I was almost 10 years ago. The Lord has put people in my path to change the course of my life. I want for others what the Lord has done for me. It brings me joy to see others light up with grace.

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