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Pottsville - St. John the Baptist

Country: United States
State or province: Pennsylvania

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Josette Peckman

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Training complete!

June 26, 2021

St. John the Baptist Team has completed it's first Intro to Evangelization training course on June 20th. The course ran 8 weeks and was held at St. John the Baptist in Pottsville, PA. Those who participated were: Sandy Frinzi, Miriam Tirjan, Debbie Sterner, Michelle Ambrose, Joyce Minehan (Co-Team Leader), and Josette Peckman (Team Leader). The team will now focus on advanced training: heading out to the streets under the guidance and supervision of the Holy Spirit! Additional training will be held for anyone interested, and is planned in the near future. We are planning on expanding the team to include representation of all parishes in the region! A warm "thank you" to St. Paul Street Evangelization for making it so easy for Catholics to grow in the gift of evangelization!SPSE Team Photo