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Rochester Public Market, June 28

September 16, 2019

Karen gave a rosary to a young 20-30 something young woman. She called me ย (Cathy) over because the young lady was looking for a church near the market. I started a conversation and told her about Corpus Christi Church, one of the churches in St. Frances Cabrini Parish. After further conversation, this young lady said she had moved here from the Binghamton area for a job downtown and felt she needed to return to Mass. What was so great is that she knew she needed confession first! She asked where a church held daily confession. I knew that OLV had confession 5 days a week. Karen provided me with pen and paper, so I wrote down several churches, including Blessed Sacrament, since she lived near Park Avenue. She expressed a desire for more traditional liturgy and music, so I mentioned OLV too. I also put in a plug for the Frassati Society, St. Irenaeus Ministries, and Blessed Sacrament so that she could connect with other young adults. She was so appreciative. Another young mother ( seemed to be a single Mom) pushing a stroller with her 2-3 year old took a rosary and we began to chat. Her daughter was a great conversationalist and I love children! To make a long story short, Mom was born into a Catholic family, but was just โ€œdoing her own thing at home.โ€ I shared with her that Jesus really wants to be close to her, especially in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and suggested she check out a parish near her. She was very grateful for the exchange.

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