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Rochester, NY

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James Scheer

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August 9 at the Rochester Public Market

September 16, 2019

This morning at the Rochester Public Market, I had a woman come up to me. She said she was a volunteer collecting signatures in support of the “Women’s Equality Act.” Although I knew exactly what this is, I asked her what she means by “women’s equality.” She started to read off to me the “planks” of this bill – pay equity, stop sexual harassment in the workplace, stop human trafficking, protect victims of domestic violence, etc. I agreed with her that those are all good causes to support. But then she got to the last one – “freedom of choice.” I told her that’s where I have to draw the line. I explained that as a Catholic, I am concerned about human rights for all persons, including the unborn. I stressed how abortion is the ultimate human rights violation, because it snuffs out the life of a human being before they even have a chance to be born. She said she had never looked at it that way before. Let’s pray that she DOES begin to look at it that way! Although I didn’t sign her petition, she did take a rosary & a guide. Holy Spirit, please speak to this woman’s heart!!! Mother Mary, please intercede on behalf of this woman!!!