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Rochester, NY

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James Scheer

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Door-to-Door Evangelization Recap

September 16, 2019

On Saturday, September 20, Cathy Marchand, Jim Scheer, Carm Caruso, Jerry Marchand and Fr. Mike Mayer went door-to-door to evangelize on behalf of Holy Spirit Church in Webster, NY. As usual, we had some wonderful encounters with faith-filled people and had an opportunity to share our own faith. We also promoteded an upcoming soccer tournament which Fr. Sergio Chavez, parochial vicar of Holy Spirit, was having on Saturday, September 28.

Unlike our work at the Public Market where most people are very interested in having us pray for them, many of the people we encountered could think of nothing to pray about, but said that everything was going well. Given that the area where we evangelized was wealthy–an area of mcmansions–we wondered if there might be a correlation between wealth and an understanding of the need for God’s help?