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Photos from the SUCCESSFUL Walk for Life 2014 in SF!

September 5, 2019

Once again, I walked for life, along with my 13-lb companion, Buddy, a mini-dachshund / chihuahua mix.IMG_2775

We were amongst probably 50,000 prolifers, (if not more) who peacefully, prayerfully gathered at 11:00 am for a rally and Info Fair at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza. (Click to enlarge photos)

The march began at 1:30 pm, which ended at Justin Herman Plaza (at The Embarcadero). The walk took an hour, and people of ALL ages, ALL faiths, IMG_2819and ALL shapes and sizes joined together to be a powerful witness to the sanctity of life.

The Info Faire, again, was interesting. From a film production company in Hollywood which represents movies about life issues, to Catholic apostolates, evangelization organizations, Divine Mercy, Knights of Columbus, etc., had a presence.IMG_2820

There was also an African prolife banner, as well as many Lutherans for Life, and Orthodox for Life marchers.

IMG_2781There were only a handful of opponents, who shouted vulgar and obnoxious (and mean-spiritual) words and phrases. At one point, I heard some opponents shouting, “Women are not incubators”IMG_2807.

At one point during the march, I walked past a couple who were standing on the sidewalk along Market Street, watching the march. The woman looked at me and said, in a soft, pleasant voice (almost a whisper) ..”Thank You”.

I smiled and nodded, and asked, “Where are you from”? She replied, “Wisconsin”. It was a poignant moment, and a powerful one; that people from so far away, clearly in San Francisco as tourists, were able to “participate” in our support for babies.IMG_2789

The miniscule opposition was a bit like having a fly at a picnic table …expected, but didn’t ruin the event!

While ashamed that my country allows abortion-on-demand, since 1973, I am very proud of the people of faith who travel far to be in San Francisco to support God’s most precious, innocent of all  …the unborn.

IMG_2816I pray that God hears the cries from prolifers to bring an end to the horror that is abortion. And I know that God cannot be mocked. He is the author of life. It may take a while, but the day will come, when God brings an end to abortion, and those responsible who have not repented, will know the power of a just God, and the love he has, for the more than 56 million of his babies which have been sinfully taken away from us.

IMG_2815Enjoy the photos!  …perhaps you can join in the Walk for Life West Coast on January 24, 2015!

God Bless You

Matt Barba