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Sierra Vista

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State or province: Arizona

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Jude Nicholson

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giving my card to non-catholics

April 9, 2022

We had a meeting called "Carmichael Neighborhood Meeting" as we have had in the past until covid stopped them.

At the meeting were the mayor-pro-tem, a city councilwoman, her father, and a vice president of the Sierra Vista planning commission.

My pastor Father Greg was there as were the principal and my sister-in-law.

I introduced myself as the new Grand Knight of our council and the father of the councilwoman introduced himself to me.

I asked him if he was catholic.  He said he grew up Catholic but now he is a Baptist Minister.

I said, "That is wonderful.   Here is my card, and if you get a chance, please listen to the talks on the back of my card." He said he would.

Every non-Catholic I have given that card to has listened to the talks and then sent me an email saying that now they want to be Catholic.