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Detroit - St. Leo Soup Kitchen

Country: United States
State or province: Michigan

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Patti Connors

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Evangelizing at the SVDP new location (while St. Leos is still being "rebuilt" in a new location)

August 7, 2022

Hopefully this fall the new St. Leos in Detroit will be up and running. The location is still in Detroit at the Catholic Charity Works of Mercy.

But meanwhile a very nice new SVDP store in Utica has opened its door to us and very appreciative to have us there.  My team partner, Karen and I went there about a week ago to set up.  We felt so welcomed by the store management!  Many people stopped by for Rosaries, medals, holy cards, but most importantly so open to prayer.  We also keep a list on our table that they can sign to receive continued prayer at our parish.  A sweet little girl picked out a pink rosary and wanted to take a picture with me:-).

As I was packing up, a staff member came out and very tearfully came up to me.  I said I was so sorry that I had packed up but I could certainly get something out for her.  She said all she needed was prayer.  She said she had an argument with her daughter and her daughter said she didn't want to see her any more.  We prayed together and found her a miraculous medal.  She hugged me, thanked me, and put it on immediately.  She said she would treasure it forever.  Praise be to Jesus!!!  Hopefully a reconciliation is soon to follow!SPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team Photo