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Detroit - St. Leo Soup Kitchen

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St. Leos Soup Kitchen is Growing!!

July 23, 2023

We are always welcomed with open arms when we come here.  Some memorable events happened this time...

The day before we go down, I always bring out my suitcase that is filled with the items that we will need while we evangelize.  This time, as I brought it out,  from the corner of my eye, I saw a flash on my phone of either a new text or email.  When I glanced at my phone I saw a message from someone from SPSE(I think Tim), that said something like, here was some spiritual music they thought I would enjoy.  It certainly made me smile to know that the Holy Spirit was already lending a hand!  I played it while I got rosaries and medals, etc ready for the visit...what a blessing!

This time I brought my 17 year old granddaughter with me. She really enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and willingness of folks to accept rosaries, medals, etc.  She befriended a young gal about 10 years old who came with her mom and 2 younger sisters. Together with the simplified sheet we have made up, she showed her how to say the rosary and helped her to read every prayer so that she could continue doing this at home. It was beautiful to watch two young ladies from such opposite walks of life interact so beautifully!   A Christian pastor, the cousin of the head cook, came in and chatted with me.  We enjoyed sharing our similarities about our love for Jesus Christ and prayed together.  Because the kitchen has grown so much in the past few months, MANY more religious item are needed each time we come to evangelize. The patrons are so eager to pray that some times a "prayer line" is formed! WHAT A GREAT CIRCUMSTANCE TO BE IN! Praise be to Jesus Christ!


St. Leos Soup Kitchen has grown tremendously...they now serve over 100 patrons wonderful meal Tues.-Fri.  It is part of Catholic Charities of Michigan: Center for Works of Mercy.  It is located at 8642 Woodward in Detroit.  They also provide health and dental services to those in need though the works of MALTA.


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