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Detroit - St. Leo Soup Kitchen

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State or province: Michigan

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Patti Connors

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St. Leo's Soup Kitchen Update and new location for Evangelization

October 28, 2021

St. Leo's Soup Kitchen had to close its doors this summer due to a flood.  There is a possibility that it may reopen sometime in 2022 at a new location but that has not been determined as of yet.  I will update when I hear that this is going to take place.

Meanwhile, I have found  a new place to Evangelize:-).  It is located at the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store in Utica: 45550 Van Dyke 48317.  We went there for the 1st time last Friday, Oct. 22nd.  The staff welcomed us and had us set up right inside the store.  About 25 people stopped to chat and inquire who we are and what we represent.  Many were happy to accept rosaries, medals and a few stayed to pray.  One lady in particular, named Donna, stands out.  She told us about her mom who was ill and recently diagnosed with cancer.  We asked her if she would like a miraculous medal, which she gladly accepted and gave her the Holy Card that explains the story behind it.   She couldn't believe it was free!  She asked if she could have one for herself,  as well, and thought her mom would love the idea that they would both be reminded to pray together to our Holy Mother for recovery.  We chatted a bit more and she told us that she had not been to church in a while so I gave her a sheet I have of Catholic churches in the nearby area. With tears in her eyes, she walked away with a smile and thanked us many times for our generosity .  I told her that Jesus had led her to us that day.  Thanks be to Jesus!

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