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Free Food, Friendship, and Faith (July 14 & 21)

July 22, 2022

St Raphael Reaching for Faith (RFF) ministry, of which the parish SPSE is subset, hosts every few years Free Food, Friendship, and Faith nights where we give free hot dogs meals to people driving or walking by.

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This year we planned to add SPSE materials to give away every week but due to Sharon's broken ankle (who would staff the table), we were only able to do July 14 & 21.

On July 14, about 50 diners were served including a group of 6-8 young adults who each took a Miraculous Medal

On July 21, we served about 60 meals including one to a bus driver:

One of our team members, Suzanne, was walking about Bass Lake Rd as usual, holding up our FFF&F signs & drawing attention to our event. As it happened the Metro city bus made the stop right at our Church, and Suzanne let the bus-driver Tony know, of the free hot dog meal that awaited him. He asked her if she could have a meal ready for him when he returned in about 25 minutes. Suzanne agreed, and had a hot dog plate made up for him. Well sure enough, he came back and was very happy to receive his meal, and commented that he'd watch us operate over the several previous weeks, and thought the outreach was a good idea. Suzanne asked him for his prayer requests, for which he responded. And before the bus pulled away, Suzanne asked the 5 riders on the bus if they too, would pray for bus driver Tony, and every one of them agreed!!!!!!  In addition to the meal, Suzanne brought him a Miraculous Medal and a brochure or two.

We had also an encounter with a local school board member, who having driven by on at least one prior week, decided to stop by and see what was happening.  She wholeheartedly loved the meal give away and wanted Sharon to explain the significance of each  medal.

SPSE Team Photo

The school board member had been Mexico and was interested in the story behind the Our Lady of Guadalupe image.  In their discussion of what sets Catholicism apart from other denominations, Sharon handed her brochures on Mary and the Eucharist.  She identified herself as a reader and someone who loves to learn and took several other brochures as well.  She also received one of every medal on a chain.  She may come back for our parish festival in a few weeks when the SPSE team will have a booth as well.

Join us in prayer for the intentions of our diners and that they each grow in faith and friendship with God.