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St Raphael Festival (reboot)

August 9, 2022

Our new young pastor was excited to reboot the festival after a few years off.  He was very excited to meet to Pope Francis!

SPSE Team Photo

We had some challenges with the wind (Fri) and rain/wind on Sat!  So that's why the booth may not look fully set up in the photos.
But we managed to meet/see lots of people, get prayer requests, give medals and rosaries, esp to young children who were curious or wanted a necklace.  Having Pope Francis "join us" was definitely a fun feature and a draw for photos, conversations, etc.  There was a youngish Spanish speaking couple from the parish, praying for another child, and she (Gabby) was so enthusiastic and wants to get involved in our ministry, to do "anything, organizing things, cleaning, etc" ).  I had never met her before, but got her number.
Special thanks to Denise Hirl, Regional Missionary from SPSE,  who was a wonderful presence and great evangelizer.
SPSE Team Photo  SPSE Team Photo SPSE Team Photo
The last photo with the pope is Cathy who graciously filled in when Sharon and Phil were unable to set up and coordinate the booth festival weekend.