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Two events

July 2, 2023

This was a busy week for our team.

We helped staff a table and provided volunteers for our parish evangelization/community outreach called Free Food, Friendship and Faith.  June 22 was our first FFFF event and our turnout was low 14-17 attendees.  June 29, we had 43!

FFFF SPSE material table      SPSE Team Photo

We had a couple of return attendees from our first week and two notable encounters.

A lady named M--- joined us, and our team-member Justin sat and shared a hot dog meal and conversation with her. Justin shared that as the conversation unfolded, she had a Christian background, but hadn't been to Church in awhile. They discussed the Eucharist, and he invited her to attend Mass, to which she seemed warm to the idea.  She has son in jail and talks to him frequently.  She told team members Sharon and Pete that her son had fallen away from Christianity and dabbled with Islam, but she was encouraged because he told M--- that he recently picked a Bible and read the from the book of Exodus.

Team member Phil was able to use his Spanish with three attendees from Ecuador. The parents were just visiting and the son didn't yet belong to a local parish.  Phil invited them to return on Sunday for Mass and gave them a church bulletin.

Note: Our young pastor as a seminarian was required to take a Spanish immersion course.  He is able to hear confessions in Spanish and would like to take a refresher immersion course.  Our parish does have native Spanish speakers who are proficient at English.  Pray that this Ecuadorian family visits our parish for Mass.

Saturday was first Saturday of the month Drive Thru Prayer. We ministered to about 10 people.  One man L--- is from Africa.  He spoke at length with Pete on the sidewalk and asked for prayers regarding finding a job and the souls of his parents. Pete invited him to Mass and walked with L-- to the west entrance which is where Pete would be  sitting this morning at 8:30 Mass.  L--- seems very interested in attending. Pete invited him to return on Thursday for a free hot dog meal.

Suzanne spoke with B--- who drove through in her vehicle.  B--- felt so touched talking with Suzanne that she drove home and drove through again with her huband H---- . H----'s family is struggling from the death of his nephew J---.

Please pray for everyone we encountered this week that their prayers will be answered if it is God's will and they grow closer to God.