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FFFF July 6

July 12, 2023

We had beautiful weather, but smaller gathering at about 24 people who stopped to eat our "gourmet" meal of hot dogs, baked beans, cole slaw and chips.

We again had return "customers"  including J... who brought about 6 teens who were friends and family.  All of them took at least one medal or rosary.  While I tried to explain the rosary, none were interested in the pamphlet.  All of them have some knowledge of Jesus, but one young man I could tell has very little religious instruction.  If they come back again, I hope to better explain some basics about Jesus and Christianity.

We had a young married couple and a woman who are looking for a parish.  Phil gave the woman G...., who had a little familiarity of our of campus, the "grand tour" and had a long conversation.  Perhaps these three people will be return "customers" at our next hot dog meal Thursday or better yet attend Mass to experience our reverent Sunday Masses.