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Last Free Food event 7/27/23

July 29, 2023

In light of the heat advisory (and maybe a severe weather watch), our Free Food, Friendship and Faith event was moved into our "upper gathering" area.  Despite moving indoors, we still had over 50 people come for a free hot dog meal.  That brings our total to approximately 250 for our six week event.

We had a mix of returnees and new faces.  We had a few new faces from the AA meeting place across street. Mike, who has shown up several times to help us and mingle, will reach out to the AA folks when he attends the meeting in the future.  Mike knows several people from AA who are on their way into the church and likes to bring them over to our adoration chapel.

C... came with two children.  We learned she is parishioner, but thought having her children attend the school would be financially out of her reach.  Phil encouraged her to reach out to the school and told her there is scholarship money available.  Please pray C...will reach out the school and find a way to have her children attend.

F... and C... along with F's parents stopped by.  F...  grew up in the parish and was recently married. Please pray for a successful, happy, long marriage for F... and C...

Team member Suzanne has been faithful about bring lawn games for the children and also coloring pages.  Since we were inside,  lawn games were not feasible but that didn't stop the kids from using hula-hoops.

Thank you to all our Reaching For Faith/St Paul Street Evangelization ministry members for a successful year.  We look forward to summer 2024.