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Crystal - St. Raphael

Country: United States
State or province: Minnesota

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Sharon Hedman

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Frolicking in Crystal 7/29/2023

July 29, 2023

Whoooooooo weeeee!!! Our Good God was looking out for us again today, with a gorgeous 75 and sunny day, as we evangelized anyone and everyone, with a kids bible trivia table at our city's festival event called, Crystal Frolics, in Crystal MN. We cozied-up next to our St. Raphael Catholic School table, which made an excellent combination of Catholic Education and Evangelization. The foot traffic was excellent as usual, and in just 3 hours gave out 70 miraculous medals, and 65 rosaries, all blessed. Please pray for all recipients, to find the light of Christ Jesus, in their hearts!!!!
The best evangelization seemed to be while giving the kids some bible trivia (ehem, ehem, Catechization!!, so badly needed in our broken society), the parents usually helped the kids, and after the kids picked out the rosary color they liked, we presented the parents with a miraculous medal & explanation card, and told them to "buckle up!!" for some miracles in their lives, as our Holy Mother is waiting to introduce them more profoundly, to her Son. They joyfully received them!!!
Come Holy Spirit!!!!