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November 25, 2023



SPSE Team Photo

The St Raphael was invited to set up at Christkindlmarkt, a Christmas bazaar at a parish about 20 miles away.

While we didn't stay for the entire 8 hours, Phil and Sharon had several fruitful encounters.

We gave out many medals and rosaries.  One lady's chain given to her last year at Christkindlmarkt by then Regional missionary Denise Hirl had broken.  She was given a new chain and a new medal.

We prayed with at least 6 people. C will soon have hip replacement. M is a retired nurse and full time care giver for her parents. R asked for prayers an elderly aunt who recently made the decision to discontinue dialysis treatments.  E asked for healing from epilepspy.

We prayed with B, former Methodist, who said he didn't leave the church.  He feels the Methodist church changed and left him.  We had TWO long and good conversations with B.  He spoke to us, walked around the Christkindlmarkt and came back to speak with us again.  He wants us to pray for the world so people's hearts will be open to learn about Jesus.



SPSE Team Photo

SPSE Team Photo

Thank you to St Peter and Paul parish for inviting us and thank you for the lovely Nativity scene backdrop for our space.