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Windy Drive Thru Prayer 4/6/24

April 6, 2024

It was a blustery day for our first Drive Thru prayer of the season.

We had four evangelist/prayer warriors today: Lisa, Phil, Sharon and new comer Tom. Tom said felt God wanted him to join us today.  Tom evangelized by asking God to bless the passing motorists and making signs of the cross as they drove by.


SPSE Team Photo SPSE Team Photo-Tom & Phil

J spent a long time speaking with Phil and Lisa after he loaded up sacramentals and statues that were blessed after Mass. J asked for prayers with several issues including employment.  He had just started a job that requiring driving when he broke his right foot.   His foot is now healed and he can look for employment.

With the biting wind and temperatures in the 50's, we started out slowly.  Tom couldn't stay the whole time, but he and Phil were able to talk to K who had spoken with Phil last year. K asked us to pray for better work opportunities.

SPSE Team Photo-K , Tom, & Phil

While Phil was walking up and down the sidewalk, he was spotted by T who was at a gas station.  T was intrigued and happy with the Drive Thru Prayer concept and said he would stop by.  T did stop by and took a photo of Lisa, Sharon, and Phil (holding his sign) to show people.  T asked for prayers for some personal vices he is fighting.  Phil mentioned how St Michael tossed the demons from heaven and said the St Michael prayer for T to overcome his vices/sins.  Sharon quickly pulled a bagged set of a St Michael medal on a chain and a St Michael prayer card.  T liked the St Michael prayer and was grateful for the set.  After Phil asked if T has studied the Bible and we learned he recently signed up for a Bible study, Lisa mentioned Jeff Cavins is a good resource for studying the Bible.  T mentioned his father is currently in rehab after back surgery, so we prayed for him as well.

Before T left C pulled up.  C was recently diagnosed with epilepsy.  He asked for prayers regarding direction in employment and spiritual direction as he is just exploring Christianity.  Sharon gave him a Sacred Heart medal and chain.  After talking with him for few minutes, Phil also referred him to Jeff Cavins and gave C a parish bulletin.

Before C left M pulled up.  M asked us to pray for a job opportunity as her hours are being cut due to slow down of sales.  After being handed a Sacred Heart medal on a chain and a bulletin, M mentioned that she does attend a nearby Catholic church.

We look forward to another year of evangelizing through prayer.