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Thomas Beach 8/29/2020

September 2, 2020

Just a note to let you know what happened at last Saturdays Saint Paul Street Evangelization event at Lake Bde Maka Ska.  Sharon and Phil "hit the streets" (or actually the walking paths) with Regional Missionary, Denise Hirl and her team.
As our team gathered to pray before setting out, we thanked our Good God and asked for blessing on everyone we would encounter.
  We had a total of 7 in our team, and baby Gabriel. Our team for the day was large enough, that we split into two groups, maybe about a thousand feet apart??? One group took the counter-clockwise foot traffic, & the other took clockwise.
Here's a recap on those our group spoke with:
Louis - was a fine young man who had the courage to stop and pray with us. We also had a short conversation about faith. When asked about his youth he said he was raised Lutheran, but claims no Church now, and maybe goes to a service 1 or 2 times a year. His parents are not really invested in their faith. He just wanted to pray that everyone be accepted, and that we could all proceed in truth. We let him know that indeed, how he moves forward in his life will be not only very important for his own self, but also for everyone he knows. In the spirit of the truth he spoke of, we invited him to get to know Jesus thru the Catholic Church he started, which allows us to know to the fullest extent humanly possible, this truth he spoke of.
Jay - was a vibrant African American young man, who upon seeing our sandwich board sign, inviting all to pray, was enthusiastic to ask for prayer for his current employment status as a truck driver (he needs work!!), and also for his continuing education in psychology. So we all prayed together.  God bless you Jay!
Another was walking with his young son around the lake, and to our surprise he was a Protestant Pastor at a NE Mpls Church.  He was only too happy to pray with us.  And as a good Christian Father, his young son knew exactly what to do when it's time to pray.
One passer by was a Gopher Volleyball fan, an older guy & staunch Atheist. He said that we've been after him for years, But that we wouldn't convert him. Phil told him he'd listened to many testimonies where older people have converted to the Catholic Faith, and we know it's not too late for him.  He wanted to point out the error of Scripture that supports stoning people to death, to which we were able to point out that thru Jesus the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New. And Jesus spoke to all who were about to stone a woman for adultery, that "Let him who is without sin among you be will the first to throw a stone at her" Jn 8: 7
This was a great opportunity for Phil and Sharon to see how it is done and we look forward to going out again.  While none of the people we encountered with our group took any materials, perhaps the next time they encounter an SPSE team they will.