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Drive-Thru/Walk up prayer 11/7/20

November 7, 2020

Dave, Phil, Peggy, and Sharon set up for what was probably our last Drive Thru event of year on a nice, sunny but windy morning.

We had a total of nine people this morning for our first Saturday Drive-Thru event.

  1. A former navy man, very friendly, holding a lottery ticket, smiled and asked that if he wins the lottery that he uses the money wisely.
  2.  Dave asked Phil to pray for the soul of the father of his wife's friend who passed away from Covid-19SPSE Team Photo
  3.  Mirah who was waiting for a bus  (I neglected to write down her prayer intention)
  4. two women who were walking  and took medals from Dave and later when walking past us again, stopped and each took home a book-one "The Great Divorce" by C.S.Lewis and the other a book on the wonders of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  (These books were given to the SPSE team by a church librarian as the church library already had copies.)
  5. A man who asked we pray for the soul of his mother
  6. Tiara, a drive-thru,  who asked we pray in general for her life.
  7. Mindy who asked we pray for health issues.   When Sharon asked Mindy about her faith life, she commented she is Native American and believes in God.  Dave had recently watch a movie on EWTN about Kateri Tekakawitha so he mentioned there is a Native American saint.  When Sharon gave a brief description of St Kateri and mentioned her smallpox scars disappeared after she died, Mindy was very interested as she has a skin condition.  Sharon and Dave gave a brief description of praying to saints and patron saints (probably too brief!) and suggested St Kateri would be a good saint for Mindy to ask for help.  Sharon wrote down Kateri Tekawitha (yes, I spelled it wrong when giving to Mindy) so Mindy could look up a full biography later on the internet.
  8. Finally Tony, a parishioner with three young children, asked that his youngest would get a good nap.

We want to thank Amy G for our new signs.  Amy and her husband own a print shop.SPSE Team Photo