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Drive Thru Prayer 4/3/2021

April 3, 2021

What a glorious Holy Saturday for our first Drive Thru prayer of the year!

All week we have been experience cold weather (well, average-ish temps weather) coupled with strong winds that felt bitter cold.  Last night the winds died down and weather the warmed up to make a wonderful event.

The first drive thru prayer request spent much time speaking with Peggy and Phil.  Her marriage is on the verge of breaking up.  She was crying and very grateful we were there to pray for her.  Sharon handed her a Miraculous Medal on way out.  Peggy and Phil also talked to couple, who had just moved here, and requested prayers for a job; for a man for the repose of a soul a loved one and comfort and support for the family; and for a woman for direction in her life and becoming closer to Jesus.

Dave walked up and the down the sidewalk talking to passers-by and referring people to Sharon and Sharon's daughter, Serena. The walkers included mother with young daughter in a stroller. Sharon gave the daughter a book about Jonah.  Other people stopping by the table of SPSE materials for prayers included a woman who requested prayers for her boyfriend who is diabetic and had a food amputated; a Viet Nam vet who is also having problems with a foot that may need surgery; Teresa asked for prayers for a friend; and a passer-named Dave, whom we chatted with last year, told of a miracle he and his wife experienced and also asked for prayers.

As we were packing up, a gentlemen drove up and asked about confession times.  Sadly, confessions were done for the day.  Phil explained what we were doing and he exited his vehicle to look at the materials.  He was very happy to see the Catholic materials and asked he could buy some to take to Africa in about month.  We explained everything was free.  After asking Sharon if a bag was handy, he placed many rosaries, bagged Miraculous medals (leftover from our Christmas giveaway), an assortment of loose medals and several Rosary pamphlets in the bag.  He promised to give our names to the priests of parishes that would benefit from the articles so that they could offer a Mass for us.