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October 2: Drive Thru Prayer and Knights of Columbus Booya

October 4, 2021

We had two events lined up for Saturday, October 2 and both of them were lasted less than the anticipated two hours.

Rick joined us today for the first time.  Rick is a long time member of the St Raphael evening prayer group and years ago did some door knocking evangelizing with the Legion of Mary  in Texas.

We started our Drive Thru Prayer under cloudy skies, but hopeful the rain would hold off until after 12 pm.  This was not the case, but we still managed to talk to a few people, pray with them and hand out Guardian Angel medals on chains in honor the feast of Guardian Angels on October 2.

When heavy drizzle started, we packed up and closed our session with prayers for those we encountered at about 11:15am.

Josie and Sharon moved our slightly soggy supplies inside to wipe them off and set up for KC Booya feed which was scheduled for 5-7pm.

As Josie left, she found two envelopes outside the locked doors just short distance from where we set up the SPSE table.  The envelopes were labeled "Prayer requests".  Sharon assumed they were from people who wanted to do Drive Thru prayer but discovered we had packed up early, so she opened them and she and Josie prayed for the prayer requests.  The envelopes appeared to from a mother and daughter due to the similarity of a few of the prayer requests.  Sharon told Josie she would email the prayer requests to the other team members and Rick so everyone pray for them.

Curiously, the mother had written her first name and street address on one of the index cards that she placed in her envelope.  After consulting with team, Sharon mailed a care package today (October 4) to the family with Guardian Angel/Miraculous medals on chains along with the prayer cards for each, rosaries/rosary pamphlet/rosary CD, the brochure on suffering, a St Francis prayer card (the saint of the day), and the book "I Heard God Laugh" by Matthew Kelley.  Team member Phil emailed Sharon a personalized letter to include with package, gave his contact information and said they could contact him if desired. Team member Peggy had also emailed encouraging words which Sharon copied onto a text document, printed and placed in the box.

The evening KC Booya Fest was also cut short, but for a good reason--the booya sold out by 5:50!  Before packing up for the final time, Sharon had managed to give out a few medals, replace a broken chain from our Christmas 2020 medal give away, give out two examination of conscience brochures to a woman who along with her husband encourage fallen away Catholics that they meet in their Alcoholics Anonymous ministry to return to the faith, and gave away a few books-one of which is a Catechism of the Catholic Church-from our free book collection.