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Walk up Prayer 11/9/2021

November 6, 2021

After  cancelling Drive Thru Prayer on our normal first Saturday (due to a parish event happening at the same time), Sharon decided having unusually high temperature forecast of 64 degrees forecast for today called for evangelization.  Due to deciding this morning to set up spur of moment, the only evangelists were Sharon and her daughter Serena.

It appeared that no one might stop by the material tables (other than our parochial administrator) on this nice morning.   We were approaching the time to pack up when a couple walked up who were waiting for a bus.  They both took rosaries and each took a medal on a chain with the accompanying prayer card.

They were quickly followed by a man in motorized wheel chair who was traveling down the sidewalk. He received prayers, a Guardian Angel medal/card, a rosary/pamphlet and a St Benedict crucifix was added to the Guardian Medal on the chain when the rosary wouldn't fit over his head.  He identified himself as a Lutheran.  Perhaps praying the rosary will draw him closer to the Catholic Church.

As Serena and Sharon started to pick up the materials, a family arrived to wait for a bus.  This family waited for the bus before on a Drive Thru Prayer Saturday and the bus came so quickly, we did not have a chance to talk to them.  This time Serena offered the family some candy and Sharon managed to give two children medals before the bus came.  Perhaps next year, we will be able to give medals to the rest of family.

As Drive Thru (walk up) Prayer is done for the year, we pray that we touched the lives of people who received medals/materials and drew them closer to God.