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Country: United States
State or province: Minnesota

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Sharon Hedman

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Evangelizing with Door Hangers

April 3, 2022

SPSE Team Photo

Several members of our team helped with this project in various ways: stuffing bags, helping to distribute bags to parishioners after Masses to hang on doors on their block, and four members along with our pastor (split into two teams) went into the immediate neighborhood around our church to hang the bags on the door of houses/townhouses. One member took 100 bags to distribute at a location further away. Free Food, Friendship, and Faith event running on Thursdays June 16- July 28 is sponsored by Reaching for Faith committee of which SPSE team is a subcommittee.  (Note:  the bags we distributed today did NOT have the SPEI card in them.  This photo is from our Drive Thru Prayer event on Saturday, April 2.)  One team, Phil and Julius, spoke to Bruce, who attends a local Protestant church.  Bruce thought it is important taht people of faith follow the Holy Spirit.  Phil and Julius agreed and suggested Holy Spirit was with them now.  The three men prayed for their homes and peace.  Bruce said he appreciated what Phil and Julius were doing.