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How my Ash Wednesday Went!

September 16, 2019

OK, for those of you “scoring at home”, i was engaged by 9 people at work today:

6 people asked me what that was on my head. Of those 6,
  • 3 knew basically about Ash Wednesday and acknowledged the ashes on my head, but I didn’t get a chance to evangelize much more than that
  • 3 had no clue, but were satisfied that it was an outward sign of my faith, and not much dialogue beyond that
  • 3 people, obviously Catholic, mentioned the fact that they still need to get their ashes later in the day. So it gave me a small opportunity to ask them their home Parish and dialogue a bit.
So, although I didn’t get a chance to truly engage in heavy evangelization, at least 9 new people know I’m a Catholic.