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Summary of Outing – 6-10-19

September 16, 2019

Summary of our Outing – 6/10/19 – Sims Lake Park

What a great day it was to be out evangelizing on the Feast of Pentecost – the birthday of our Holy Catholic Church!

Our Lord did grace us today with a break in the clouds for our SPSE outing.  Myself and about 6 to 8 evangelizers made it out to Sims Lake Park to continue spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and His Church.
  • The foot traffic was a little lighter today – likely due to the threat of rain
  • We engaged about 7-8 people
  • We had 3-4 meaningful engagements
    • We encountered Mark, a “used to be” Catholic currently attending Victory Church.  Claimed he was getting more “meat” out of the service at Victory.  Our team member shared his personal experience of being away from the Church and returning when he realized the grace that comes from the sacraments and especially the Eucharist.  We gave him a miraculous medal, a recent Church bulletin and invited him back to the Catholic church.
    • Met a retired widower, ex-marine Marty who is a Catholic but has not been attending Mass lately.  He shared a poignant story with us about his experiences in Vietnam as a Marine and how he narrowly escaped death.  He accepted our gift of a crucifix and we invited him to join us at St. Monica for Mass.
    • Engaged a mother who was there with her two children.  She accepted our offer of a miraculous medal and quick explanation of the history of the medal.  She indicated that she was not regularly attending a church.  We gave her a recent bulletin and invited her to join us anytime.
    • Perhaps the most interesting encounter occurred when, after one of our team members offered a holy card to her child, a mother asked what we were doing.  Our team member shared that we were a team of Catholic evangelists sharing the good news.  The women asked if she and her “wife” would be welcome to attend our service.  The team member, although initially caught off guard, answered promptly and said, “Yes, of course. Please stop by and visit anytime”.  The team member said she felt like the woman may have been seeking more of a confrontation, but definitely handled the situation very well. (**Quick point of note here:  It’s usually better in situations like this to avoid a straight out confrontation on a potentially contentious topic.  If the conversation would have gone further, we are not to confuse the truth, but sometimes it’s better not to force a confrontation)