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Summary of Outing – 8-18-19

September 16, 2019

Summary of our Outing – 8/18/19 – Suwanee Town Center

We returned to Suwanee Town Center where we haven’t been in a while

Myself and about 6 to 8 evangelizers made it out to continue spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and His Church.
  • The foot traffic was a light – likely due to hot weather.  We did have a pretty good location next to the fountain where people were bringing their children to play in the fountain.
  • We probably engaged about 6-8 people during our 2 hour outing
  • We had one meaningful engagement  –
    • A couple of our team members noticed a mother taking “modeling” photos of her daughter and, because of the team member’s expertise in photography provided some guidance on lighting, etc.  After a brief discussion about photography, they offered them a crucifix and miraculous medal.  They seem to have been previously Catholic but didn’t share their current faith.  Prayer intentions were asked for and taken.  Very good technique used here of “earning the right to be heard” by first engaging in meaningful dialogue about something of interest to the visitor.

Lessons Learned

  • In the future, we will probably have better success on a Saturday at Suwanee Town Center or when the weather is cooler or when there is another event happening.
  • We may have had too many evangelizers concentrated in the small area of the sidewalk.  Might be better to spread out a little so as not to appear as “daunting” to passers by.