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Sims Lake Outing - 11-10-19

November 11, 2019

We had another great outing at Sims Lake Park yesterday!  We had 6 to 7 evangelizers come out on an absolutely gorgeous Fall day!  As usual we started with prayer and in our prayer remembered our veterans and thanked them for the sacrifices to secure the freedoms we enjoy and often take for granted.  We handed out rosaries, miraculous medals and crucifixes.  We ended up having about 4 to 5 meaningful encounters.

  • We met one couple (Angela and Brian).  Angela is a Catholic and Brian is a Lutheran.  They alternate between attending Mass one week and the Lutheran service the next.  We spoke about Mary and other tenants of the faith.  Brian is very open to the faith and didn't to seem to have any real objections.  Unfortunately, the conversation ended before we could challenge him on why not to truly consider becoming Catholic.  But seeds were planted.
  • We also met Robert and his family who were out for a walk.  Robert was an Italian ex-Catholic from New York who was now attending a non-denominational church in the area.  They were very open to talking with us and one of our evangelizers (also Italian from New York) chatted with him about their home towns and places they knew in the New York area.  We told him about St. Monica's and invited them to join us sometime.  We did miss the opportunity to provide him literature about returning to the Catholic faith, but again, the seeds were planted.
  • Next we met Shannon and her three girls who were originally from Melbourne, FL but have been living in the Atlanta area for the past 15 years or so.  Shannon was an ex-Catholic who had an unfortunate encounter with a parish who refused to baptize her baby because she was not married to the father.  That apparently left a bad taste in her mouth about the Church and she decided to pursue other faith options.  She still had fond memories of her Catholic faith and accepted our brochure about Reasons to return to the Catholic Church.
  • Finally we met "Kamanda" a worship leader at an inner city church in Atlanta.  When asked if she had any prayer intentions, she simply asked for protection for her in her ministry in doing God's work.

Lessons Learned:

  • While we had some meaningful encounters, in hindsight, we may have missed some opportunities to "invite" some of them to a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church.  We need to be thinking about opportunities to be bold and truly invite someone to take a step in their faith.