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Christmas Tree Lot Outing - 12-5-20

December 7, 2020

Well, after a long time away from the streets we got back out there!  Below is a summary of the outing:

Once again, as we did last year, we set up our table at the St. Monica Christmas tree lot at McGinnis Crossing.  The trees sold very fast this year and there were not many left on Saturday.  About 16 trees were sold while we were there and had encounters with about 8-9 people/couples.  Evangelizing at the tree lot has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are:

  • you have a captive audience with whom have already engaged in conversation for a different purpose
  • most people tend to be in a good mood and somewhat open to dialogue

The disadvantages are:

  • they are there for a purpose and may not want to be engaged in other conversation
  • while we are busy with selling trees and the many other logistics (ie. trimming it, netting it, tying it to the car, etc.), sometimes it was difficult to get engaged in a deep conversation

Most of the conversations started by asking if they attended a local church.  We engaged some Catholics, some Methodists, some Episcopalians.  We talked with many of them about how the pandemic has impacted their worship services.  I mentioned to them how St. Monica's was handling it.  Some said they had been primarily attending live stream events from home.  I took the opportunity to mention that St. Monicas was doing the same but indicated why I felt it important to  attend in person to truly get the grace from the sacrament.   We had a flyer with all of the Christmas Mass times that we handed out to many of them who were interested and told them how it was going to be managed due to the pandemic.

We spoke with a Methodist couple who were involved in the music ministry at their church.   Knowing we were Catholic, she jokingly mentioned how strict the rules were in the Catholic Church.  I mentioned to her, with a smile but with intent, "that's why we have the sacrament of Confession".   In hindsight, one of the things we could have mentioned was how much Joy it brings to be able to be obedient to God's rules versus seeing them as a burden.

I spoke with one lady, who, after asking if she attended a local church, she basically said her work schedule didn't offer time to make it to Church.  Nonetheless, I gave her the handout with the Mass Schedule and invited her to attend.  In hindsight, I missed the opportunity to indicate how much more valuable it would be in Gods eyes to find that time to make it to worship services in the midst of a difficult weekend work schedule.

In the end, each customer was treated with great care and respect, and if for no other reason, I trust that our personalized service spoke volumes about the strength of our Faith.