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Suwanee Town Center Outing - 3/27/21- Holy Week!

March 30, 2021

We had a good day this past Saturday morning evangelizing at Suwanee Town Center.  The Farmers’ market was the main event happening which always brings some good foot traffic.  It first appeared as if maybe it was not going to be a good day.  Shortly after we setup our table & sign, said our opening prayer, one of the officials there informed us that we were not permitted to have the table set up due to a City of Suwanee ordinance.  She indicated that we were free to walk around and greet people but just could not have a table setup.  I thanked her for informing us and promptly complied. We quickly had to come up with a plan B.  Well, as we all know, God’s plans are better than our own.  So we packed up most of our stuff and put it back in our car, kept a handful of rosaries, miraculous medals, some pamphlets and proceeded to engage souls on foot in the Farmers’ market.  We gave away about 8 – 10 rosaries and pamphlets on how to pray the rosary.  We had a couple of meaningful encounters:

  • Spoke with a protestant couple who accepted our rosary and pamphlet on how to pray it. They are currently attending C3 church in Gwinnett County.  Very friendly couple.  We chatted about attending church services virtually or in person.  They mentioned that they had been attending their services virtually for quite some time.  I indicated that we had been attending in person (in limited numbers due to social distancing, etc.).  I shared with them the significance for Catholics of receiving the sacrament in person and the grace that comes from that, which is just not possible in a virtual scenario.  They did seem to understand the difference.  It was a very nice exchange overall.
  • Spoke with a young man named Matt who was pushing his 15 month old son through the market in a stroller. He accepted our rosary and after asking if he was Catholic, he shared that his Mother was Catholic and Father was Lutheran.  It appeared as if he was raised mostly Lutheran and had also attended Catholic schools at one point and enjoyed studying the faith.  He is now attending 12 Stone Church, a progressive praise and worship church gaining much popularity here in the Atlanta area.  We discussed the similarities between Catholic and Lutheran liturgies and the common belief of the true presence (which he is not currently receiving at 12 Stone).   I decided to try out my “One Good Reason” pitch that I had been practicing on why I felt the Catholic Church’s liturgy reflects God’s desire for worship as revealed to us in scripture.  He was very attentive and engaged in the dialogue.  I provided him a schedule of our Holy Week services and asked him to visit us at Saint Monica’s anytime.

Have a blessed Holy Week!