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Christmas 2016 Downtown

September 17, 2019

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, four Syracuse team members set up near the Clinton Square ice skating rink.  What a joy to interact with folks in the Christmas spirit!  Even those not interested would exchange an enthusiastic “Merry Christmas” with us.  Lots of rosaries were given out, and folks were encouraged to attend Christmas Mass at the Cathedral or another local parish.  When someone said “We go to such-and-such church,” we just continued a friendly conversation with them, and gave them some tracts saying “This explains what we Catholics believe, so you can understand us better.”  It’s all about planting seeds, and encouraging people to grow in closeness with Christ.

After a couple of hours (we started to get cold), we jumped in the car and found some homeless individuals holding signs at the freeway ramps.  Two team members walked over to them, encouraged and prayed with them, and gave them sandwiches and toiletry items.  Along with Rosaries and pocket Bibles, of course!

On Christmas Day, two team members went downtown again, seeking out the homeless.  More rosaries, prayers, and sandwiches were shared.  As usual, we wondered if we were not more blessed by their hope and faith than they were by ours!  It is such a wonderful interaction to pray with our less fortunate brethren.  The streets were so empty that chilly Christmas afternoon, yet we found Jesus there.