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Ybor City - 6/18/22

July 12, 2022

It was a very hot day on the streets of Ybor City. The weatherman had told everyone to stay indoors, and they must have listened because foot traffic was light. Thanks to Tom, Pete, Joe, Stacia, and Bob for joining me. A few encounters:

  • A worker rolling a cart loaded with food passed by and said to me, "I used to be a Catholic, but now I'm an atheist." I turned to get the pamphlet on returning to the Catholic church, but he was busy and kept moving so I just whispered a prayer. Awhile later he rolled by, and I still had the pamphlet in my pocket, so I was able to stuff it in the straps of his cart and asked him to read it when he had time.
  • One young lady was so happy to see us because she had attended the most recent Catholic Answers Convention in California and heard of SPSE there, but she hadn't ever seen us in action.
  • As I was packing up, I had an interesting conversation with a young professional man. He told me he was in marketing and had a question about evangelization. He told me a story about being approached by someone who told him he would go to hell if he didn't accept Jesus and asked me what I thought of that as a marketing strategy. I told him that as Catholics we wouldn't prefer to use that method. We prefer to ask questions, find out where someone was at in their faith life and take it from there, centering on the positive aspects of making Jesus the center of one's life.

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