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Tampa Convention Center Home Show 8/19/17

August 7, 2019

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We choose places where we believe there will be a lot of foot traffic and a good place to set up. The Tampa convention Center has a nice wide sidewalk in front and we figured the Home show would provide the foot traffic. Well the foot traffic was less than we hoped. Some of the vendors said there were more vendors then visitors. But that just left us more time to talk to the “customers” we did have.

Reuben, Mike and I took the METU and hung out near the entrance. We handed out about 100 rosaries and medals. Usually with a rosary pamphlet or CD. We also handed out our first “Pocket Gospel” which we got from the USCCB website.

Some highlights:

  1. A group of four Catholic mothers and their many children. I think three were studying for their first communion, so giving them a nice rosary was special. Then one of the mom’s asked for a pocket Gospel, which she gave to her daughter.
  2. One non-Catholic gentlemen asked why not just pray to Jesus. When I explained to him the Communion of Saints he accepted the rosary, pamphlet and CD with joy.
  3. A guy drove by as we were leaving and he asked me to help him get his wheelchair out of his car. As I did, I offered him a rosary. He said “not to a Jew-boy like me!” His words, not mine. So I pointed out Jesus was a Jew and he said he does pray to Jesus sometimes. Then he taught me one of his Jewish prayers, “Ah-doe-NAI ah-TA ba-ROOKH”. Which is akin to The Lord Be with You.

If you are in Tampa and would like to join us, just e-mail me at