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Tampa Riverwalk 2/16/19

August 7, 2019

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Oh what a beautiful day! In Tampa, FL God blesses us with beautiful 70 degree sunny weather in February. What better to do than get outside and spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is so pleasant on the Riverwalk. Everyone is in a good mood, so many people stopped by. We must have given out 100 rosaries/medals and had many meaningful conversations. Seeds were planted. We had two new evangelists, George (originally from Lebanon) and Shohreh (originally from Iraq)Β  join our regulars, Mike, Richard, Reuben and I.

If you live or are visiting the Tampa area, please consider joining us. We usually do something the third Saturday each month. E-mail me at to get added to our list. I only send out two e-mails a month:

  1. First e-mail for us to decide where to go this month.
  2. Second e-mail announces the decision and logistics on where and when.